The Second-Half Adventure | Rethinking Retirement

The Second-Half Adventure: Rethink Your Retirement!

The Second-Half Adventure: Rethink Your Retirement!

Do you believe in retirement? I don’t. After all, who said that after age 65, all we’re good for is golf and luncheons? Retirement seems to be an American concept – perhaps a 20th century American concept. And yet, it seems to be a given for many Boomers these days.

My friend, Kay Marshall Strom, offers an alternative in The Second-Half Adventure: Don’t Just Retire-Use Your Time, Skills, and Resources to Change the World. In cooperation with, Strom asks, “What if your work-for-hire years have simply been prep time for the most important part of your adulthood? What if the next ten or fifteen or twenty or thirty years is what you were really made for? What if your second half turns out to be your opportunity to throw all your accumulated skills and training and education and life experiences and financial resources behind a new and exciting kingdom opportunity?”

In a short book filled with stories of people who have made the leap, Strom calls, which matches volunteers with both domestic and international needs, the “e-Harmony of missions work.” The book offers a chapter on evaluating your skills and needs and another on confronting your barriers. If you’re approaching retirement age, you’ll appreciate the insights in this book.

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