Lessons on Living to 104

Aida Hedson recently celebrated her 104th birthday. In an interview with Market Watch she reflects on her journey, crediting her longevity to her positive attitude and enjoyment of life. But basically, she just lives without thinking a lot about it.

Aida Hedson at 104

Aida Hedson at 104
Photo Credit: MarketWatch

MarketWatch: Did you ever think you’d make it to 104?

Hedson: The years have passed – and I got here.

MarketWatch: Any plans for your 105th?

Hedson: It will come. If not, I will probably pass away before it! I think I have kept my health good and I look forward to doing what I did up to now.

I love this attitude. I know too many older people, years younger than her, who are just marking time, waiting to die, and wondering why the grim reaper is taking so long. I understand. If you live with pain and your family is gone or far away, it’s hard to find the joie de vivre. But if you don’t find a way to find it, life can be a drag. I love being around older people who just go on living, in spite of it all.

How about you? Are you living life to the fullest?

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