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If I Run by Terri Blackstock

Casey’s DNA is all over the crime scene, but she can’t go to the police. Not after the way they’ve failed her before. She knows she can’t hang around to find the truth. So she runs…

And then there’s Dylan, a friend of the victim and a war veteran with PTSD. The family hires him to help the overworked police force find the murderer. He’s always just one step behind her. But the more he learns about Casey, the less he knows what to think. The evidence just doesn’t add up. Is there more to this story than what seems obvious?

Terri Blackstock is one of my favorite suspense authors, and
If I Run doesn’t disappoint. It features gradually revealed characters in dueling first person chapters with a plot that keeps the reader on her toes. It’s a compelling read that’s hard to put down, although much of the action takes place in the heads of the two main characters rather than through action or dialogue.

My only complaint is that it’s the first of a trilogy, which means I’ll have to wait way to long for the next installment. Thanks to LitFuse for the review copy.





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