This Year, I’m Thankful For…

I wish all of my loyal readers a blessed Thanksgiving today. What are you thankful for today?

My list could go on and on, but here are those that top it this year:

  • Jesus, who redeemed me and has given me almost 40 years of hope, peace, and fulfillment.
  • The Father, who loves me and the Holy Spirit, who counsels and directs me.
  • Family, especially a wonderful husband, son and daughter-in-love, and two precious grand daughters.
  • A renewed relationship with my nuclear family after years of indifference.
  • Friends who are like family. Many of these people have been my friends for 40 or more years. We had dinner this week with my college roommate, who has been my friend for 50 years.
  • America, and the opportunities we still have to live in freedom, to worship freely, and to prosper.
  • Our Constitution, which provides the framework for freedom.
  • Abundance, even in this time of recession.
  • A ministry where I get to see and participate in lives changed with great regularity.
  • Beauty – flowers, trees, sunsets, grandchildren…
  • I finally graduated from seminary after an eight-year journey! It was awesome! And hard.

I pray that whatever your situation today, you will find a way to praise and thank our Heavenly Father for his many benefits. We are still more blessed than any other nation on earth.

Feel free to list the things you’re thankful for in the comments.


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