Skin in the Game: Living an Epic Jesus-Centered Life

One of the myths I teach in Obstacles to Healing is the myth that “God is my fairy godmother,” which is the lie that I can heal with no skin in the game. That God will wave his magic wand and everything will be OK. I can’t tell you how often I run into this belief. Everyone wants to heal, but few want to pay the price.

Rick Lawrence challenges this mindset in his book Skin in the Game: Living an Epic Jesus-Centered Life (Kregal, 2015) . Using stories from the Gospels, he urges readers to face their shame, receive grace, embrace their true identity, own what they want, confront their fears, take a risk, and wait when all hope is lost. Through it all he encourages readers to make Jesus their first and last resort. These are all issues I see in virtually every ministry session, and Lawrence’s story-based approach makes them attainable by those with little understanding of healing.

The book is simple, yet filled with practical truth critical to healing and discipleship. I expect to recommend it to ministry clients as a way of challenging their beliefs and practices and moving them a step closer to Jesus. Without the magic wand.

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