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Daily Communion: A Valuable Practice

Do you want a practice that will greatly enlarge your love of God, your healing, and your contentment? I’ve been doing daily communion for all of this year, and I can highly recommend it. I take my first moments of the day, even before coffee, to spend a few minutes with Jesus. I thank him for his amazing sacrifice. I meditate on the cross and the pain He endured. I thank him for the salvation and healing he offered me. Me. Personally.

Daily Communion

Daily Communion
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As I break the bread, I ask that he break off all sin, infirmity, sickness, bad habits, brokenness – anything that is not pleasing to him. As I take the cup, I remind him of the new covenant that promised me a heart of flesh rather than a heart of stone. I receive the healing effect of the blood. I pray. I remember.

Since doing the same thing every day can feel a little stale, I’ve also been using a simple devotional At the Foot of the Cross: Meditations on the Meal of Remembrance It gives me new ideas and insights on how to pray.

Since starting the practice of daily communion, I’ve noticed more healing, more serenity, and more faith. To avoid the problem of not having the components at home and the nuisance of preparing every day, I buy my individual communion set ups from Amazon, either Fellowship cup,Prefilled communion cups juice/wafer-100 cups (net wt.1.62 lb) or Celebration Cups Wafer and Juice Communion Set (100 Count) (shown above). Both have been quick satisfactory.

I encourage you to consider this wonderful practice. Let me know what you discover.

Skin in the Game: Living an Epic Jesus-Centered Life

One of the myths I teach in Obstacles to Healing is the myth that “God is my fairy godmother,” which is the lie that I can heal with no skin in the game. That God will wave his magic wand and everything will be OK. I can’t tell you how often I run into this belief. Everyone wants to heal, but few want to pay the price.

Rick Lawrence challenges this mindset in his book Skin in the Game: Living an Epic Jesus-Centered Life (Kregal, 2015) . Using stories from the Gospels, he urges readers to face their shame, receive grace, embrace their true identity, own what they want, confront their fears, take a risk, and wait when all hope is lost. Through it all he encourages readers to make Jesus their first and last resort. These are all issues I see in virtually every ministry session, and Lawrence’s story-based approach makes them attainable by those with little understanding of healing.

The book is simple, yet filled with practical truth critical to healing and discipleship. I expect to recommend it to ministry clients as a way of challenging their beliefs and practices and moving them a step closer to Jesus. Without the magic wand.

Every 37 Seconds… | A Key to Healing

Have you tried “everything” to heal? Like, wishing the problem would go away? Like talking about the problem to everyone you know? Like, praying every morning, like mouthwash? And yet, nothing seems to work… Now what?

Every 37 Seconds...

Every 37 Seconds…
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Here’s my number one surefire approach to positive change: every 37 seconds. Huh? Here’s the deal. Many problems require constant persistence rather than the “every now and then” approach.

I remember the time I learned this. I had just been hit with a huge spike of fear. The kind that grabs your gut and twists it in a dozen knots, and then sends buckets of bile into your throat. You know the kind. The situation warranted a bit of fear—concern, perhaps. But not this. No way. I knew that Satan had overplayed his hand.

So I spent the next month challenging the fear. Commanding it to go. Reminding it of the promises and character of God. Every 37 seconds. Over and over and over. Every time the gut would twist, I’d remind the enemy that I was having no part of it. Every 37 seconds. Every time the fear hit, I’d whop it and demand that it to go. Every 37 seconds. Every time the bile would rise, I’d replace the lying fear with the Truth. Every 37 seconds.

You know what? Within a month, the fear was gone. And what’s more, the issue that caused the fear had absolutely no power over me! I was free!

I’ve used this same approach for the past 30 years, both personally and with others I’ve ministered to. It works every time it’s used consistently. Not once in the morning. But every 37 seconds.



Change You Can Count On–Every 37 Seconds

Do you have trouble implementing a change in your thinking, emotions, or behavior? Most of us do.

Whack a mole

Whack that Emotion or Thought Every 37 Seconds



Here’s the problem. Most of us address change like we do mouthwash – once in the morning does it. Problem is, once in the morning doesn’t do it. When we want to make a change, we need to attack that sucker like our greatest enemy. The way I recommend is what I call “every 37 seconds.”

What does that mean? It means that every time the feelings come up, you whack them down. You use your words to tell that emotion, that thought, that demon, to back off. Get out. Change. When the emotions come back, you whack it again. When the emotions come back, you whack them again. Every 37 seconds. All day. Every day. Over and over. Every 37 seconds.

If you do this consistently, I guarantee that you will conquer that negative emotion within a month to six weeks. Seriously!

Photo Credit: Laura