10 Important Reasons to Make Room for Silence

My life has little room for silence. My guess is yours is about the same.

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Make Room for Silence in your Life
Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management Oregon/Washington

I wonder why that is? We know intuitively that silence is important, but life seems to move so quickly. We are over-stimulated at every turn – freeway noise, music, podcasts. I can’t get dressed in the morning without talk radio—my way of keeping up with current events in a life too busy to read the news. Our homes are filled with sounds we no longer hear – the refrigerator motor, the washer, the heating system. All of this contributes to a sense of frenzy that has become normal.

Thai Nguyen has written an article on 10 Important Reasons to Start Making Time for Silence, Rest and Solitude  Using the latest research, he point out ten benefits of silence, rest, and solitude. I like and especially need number four – memory benefits. He says that taking a walk alone gives the brain uninterrupted focus and helps with memory consolidation. At my age, I could certainly use that!

As I prepare for my annual planning retreat in a couple of weeks, I am going to make sure I have time not only for planning, but also for silence. Maybe it will even help me hear from God more clearly!

How about you? How do you incorporate silence into your life?

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