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Happy New Year

Everyone I know is asking where 2014 went. But one thing for sure — it went. And fast. Every month seemed to race by, each faster than the previous one.

December Sky

Happy New Year!

While this seems to be a phenomenon of age, even younger people have commented on the speed with which this year passed. But at my age, I’m acutely aware of how many years have passed and how few remain. I question even more deliberately if I am fulfilling my God-given birthright. I wonder if I’ve  made the best use of my days and years.

I don’t know a surefire way to know for certain. I know my life hasn’t gone like I planned. But that doesn’t make it bad; just different. I have a wonderful family with a closeness I could only have imagined in my wildest dreams–a son, a DIL, and two grandbabies that are utter delights. I have the opportunity to serve my mom in her latter years. I have friends with whom I have a long history. I enjoy my work and my studies, and sometimes even think I have made a difference. Life is good.

I hope yours is too. I hope your 2014 has been rich and your 2015 will be richer. I hope that you will continue to pursue splendor with all that is within you. And may God richly bless you in 2015.

Merry Christmas

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, I invite you to stop. Breathe.

Christmas cross

Born for a Cross

Take a few minutes to ponder the profound mystery of the incarnation. God, taking human form. Setting aside his glory and power to become one with the created. Jesus, the second Adam, who bought the salvation of mankind with his blood and began the process of redeeming not only humans but also the whole earth. Ponder what it means to you. Ponder that because he lives, we can indeed face tomorrow.

I wish you and yours a very blessed and holy Christmas. Don’t let the hundreds of details and urgent demands distract you from the beauty of this mystery. Christmas is here.  Don’t miss it.

How DID We Get So Old so Fast?

This is a question hubby and I have been asking ourselves a lot lately. He just turned 70 and we have really been feeling our age. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown over the past 35 years. Wasn’t it was just a few weeks ago we were walking down the aisle?

It seems that my friend Karen O’Connor has the same feelings. She has written a sweet book, Lord, How Did I Get This Old So Soon? Prayers and Promises to Brighten Your Day. Arranged by season to reflect the time of year or how you’re feeling, these heartfelt prayers highlight the grace, mercy, and blessings God provides. In the process, she encourages the reader to open her heart and talk with God. The prayers are short and simple, just a sweet morsel with the Lord. But many of them reflect thoughts and feelings I’ve had as I’ve navigated this aging process. I still don’t know how I got so old so fast, but I’m sure glad I can talk to the One who does know.

This book will make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for an aging parent, or even yourself. I’ll be giving a copy to Mom this year.

Choosing a Caregiver: Expect the Best and Know How to Ask for It

Choosing a Caregiver: Expect the Best and Know How to Ask for It

Choosing a Caregiver: Expect the Best and Know How to Ask for It

I’ve had several conversations lately with people who have had mixed to bad experiences with caregivers. They haven’t known how to select a caregiver or an agency. They haven’t known what to ask or what to expect. They’ve had unrealistic expectations about what to pay and how to manage the legal details. They’ve had bad experiences and haven’t known what to do about them.

Then I received a notice that Haley Lynn Gray is announcing her newest book, Choosing a Caregiver: Expect the Best and Know How to Ask for It. I haven’t read this book yet, but wanted to alert you to it while it’s still free. That’s right – free. The Kindle edition is FREE through December 5, 2014.

In this book she talks about the nuts and bolts of hiring caregivers for your aging parents, based on her experiences as both a daughter and a home care agency operator. It looks quite useful.

What has your experience been in hiring caregivers?


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