This Thanksgiving, Practice Gratitude

Well, I had planned to do a complete series on the importance of gratitude, but life came crashing in. Again. So that series will have to come later. But I can’t let this Thanksgiving holiday pass without at least a few words about what I’ve learned about gratitude.

Praise Him for His Marvelous Works! Misty Sunset

Praise Him for His Marvelous Works!
Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe

I didn’t used to be a grateful person. In fact, I was pretty cynical and thankless. I would complain about everything. I was crabby. I was pretty unpleasant to be around. Then I started a gratitude project, working with a ministry client. We would email one another ten things per day that we were grateful for. Yep, ten things. No repeats. Every day. We’ve been at it for a couple of years now.

It was hard. Very hard. And still is. Sometimes we struggle to find ten things. But we were consistent. And little by little, we became grateful. And as we did, our attitudes changed. Our countenances changed. We became more pleasant to be around. And our hearts changed. Our joy increased.

So this Thanksgiving, I invite you to find a strategy for increasing your gratitude. We serve a good and gracious God who has blessed us with freedom, abundance, beauty, and grace. No matter your circumstances, there is much for which we can be grateful. So this Thanksgiving, I wish you gratitude.

In All Things, Give Thanks

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