How to Get Your Warrior Back | Part 1

It had been an overwhelming week. I was facing stress at every level – personal, family, marriage, school, work, caregiving… I wasn’t sleeping well. I never do. So the fatigue was like a shroud covering my soul. I arrived at our small group meeting tense, and by prayer time was in tears. I wasn’t sure I could go on – or if I wanted to. I felt sorry for myself, for all the stuff coming at me, and for how it was affecting not only my life not, but also my future.

warrior woman

It’s Time to Get Your Warrior Back!
Photo Credit: Julian Garduno

I was worried. I don’t sink often, but when I have in the past, it has lasted for a while. I didn’t want that to happen again. It took some effort, but within a few days I could say, “I’ve got my warrior back!” What happened?

Today and tomorrow, I’ll share what I did to get my warrior back, to not only beat the depression, but also feel victorious.

Ask for Prayer

I forced myself to swallow my pride. I’m usually the strong one. But I knew I needed the support of my brothers and sisters, so shared how very awful I felt, what I failure I felt I was, and invited my small group to pray for me. One member followed up and encouraged me by email over the next couple of days. When we are willing to share our needs, the prayer of others becomes an effective intervention.

Spend Time with Big-Spirited People

The next day I had a meeting with several of the biggest spirited people I know. We didn’t even mention my issues. That wasn’t the focus of the meeting, but simply being with these men and women who pray big and believe big had a positive impact on my spirit. While our souls were busy with the agenda, I’m sure their spirits were ministering to mine.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the other strategies I used to get my warrior back.


3 thoughts on “How to Get Your Warrior Back | Part 1

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  2. Valerie Benavidez

    Pat, this post was so timely for me and a huge encouragement this morning when I read it. I’ve been feeling much the same as you described, and the word picture of being a warrior appealed to me. Looking forward to the second half! Thank you.

    1. Pat

      Valerie, I’m so happy this met you where you needed it. We all sink a little now and then. Let me know what you think of part 2. Blessings.


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