How Do You Make Decisions?

How do you make decisions? So many choices!

How do you make decisions? So many choices!
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How do you make decisions? I’m taking a class on the Gospels, and we’ve been having a discussion on Luke’s focus on the poor and marginalized. My classmates have been dialoguing on what that means in their lives. One of things I shared is something that has been guiding and even driving my life for a few years. I’ve found it is much harder to sort out the truth of right living when we are trying to evaluate ourselves by ourselves. Especially in America. We make ourselves the starting point and plumbline, and then measure everyone and everything by that standard. Indeed, it requires much prayer and a willingness to stand outside of ourselves in determining our actual true-to-life theology (as opposed to our textbook theology).

I face this in the area of caregiving. The society screams that I should be self-actualizing. Even the church expects me to live to a certain standard, given my many skills and gifts <g>. Strong Christian friends wonder why I “waste” my time as I do, caring for my mom, my husband, a neighbor. When we were considering taking in a great nephew whose guardian was dying, I railed at God, “When do I get a turn!?” His response: “That’s a very arrogant American attitude, isn’t it?? Yep, it was. And is. And is a daily struggle to make biblical choices.

How about you? What guides your decisions?


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