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Take Care of Yourself and Your Relationship
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My husband has Parkinson’s Disease. He was diagnosed in 2010, and sadly, it has progressed faster than either of us expected. Frailties I had not expected to occur for many years are already beginning to creep into our lives. That means that I need to do more than I want to or often can. Adding this to the responsibilities I have for Mom, I often feel that all I do is care for others. And yes, I confess–I often feel sorry for myself. Sometimes even resent what I’ve given up to be available to others.

That’s why I appreciate reminders like Angela Robb gives in her article, A Caregiver’s Journey. I appreciate her optimism and can-do attitude. She focuses on the things we can do for ourselves as well as what we need to do as a couple. I especially like what she says about readjusting your plans to do what you can do when you can do it. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. Thinking that even though we have just a lot of money on much-needed, long-deferred maintenance on our home, we also need to do the traveling we’ve wanted to do while we can still do it. That will require major adjustments in my life and priorities, as well as in our finances. But really, we can’t put it off, can we?

What are you doing to care for yourself? What strategies do you use to serve well? What do you need to stop putting off?

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