Happy Resurrection Day!

He is Risen Indeed

He is Risen! Indeed!
(c) Pat J. Sikora 2014

Guests invited. Check.
Food purchased and prepped. Check.
Table set. Check.
Yard weeded and patio cleaned. Check.
Baskets filled. Check.
Centerpiece created.  Check.

Whew! I love entertaining, but I must confess I’m not as young as I used to be. I still love setting a formal table for holidays and sharing it with friends and family. My best friend does Thanksgiving and Christmas. Resurrection Day is my holiday. And since I only have one big one per year, I try to do it right.

But one of the reasons I delight in hosting Resurrection Day is that it is THE Christian holiday. After a year of trials and challenges, Resurrection Day reminds me that He is Risen! Indeed! And that hope is enough to keep on keeping on.

My hubby found this new version of Leonard Cohen’s Alleluia. The truth runs deep. We’re going to use this as our blessing for tomorrow’s dinner. Take a few minutes and let the truth penetrate your spirit.  Alleluia!!

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